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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 1, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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ke wchon bieisalne thon tso exci's anighfor polight. doize what's goingcheers and applausbe talking aboutwa6 election for monw, andcited to hat tonithe mething ly happens. 's the iowcaus. he happ of ameri's ld atg uc tse ( ht jwhoaoa>> allow say that illowed to sa thatfinally find out o psint e d th--ap ts ow5:,
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it's5:30ou. and bewa votes the he spot of money. 70on hasn spams a, inin5 mieb 's d jeb'stiolng be4% d kesen ts tca uld bo, t ressdy.augh e) shsolvbudgpr witgun. nothho win nily ohing wl sucupo rn na'sol ye drago
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(lghr)usthissue inis wan suids. at whyn la 2yes wa h rvear$2llinid thatoesn unt mone ds fng theittlern-shape-on-th ustry.aur) thisternationa for lilen holders liat. ghter)whe knowwo iting spight b eatinods wifrn syruin so l aute we'ralelrang wh eaow
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trta eranappl) they're he a tir o.j.mpson: ame itking a t we knohe. (laugh (a aughr)lo to say at
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conductire intee.and have perfo byngerri mord. (cers anplau(bane)y!thatontendtay huy ever!(cheand ause)'re abounue to plt before they do hing:ctur hnnouncedion of "little thera i cae themtt... d ! "the
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and sipema heplse urtid taymaheappl) and now r "the late
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e chanen sphanmuan f aengy ve uup he.yo a lopo"sphdo you? one hour a dayear.always ss forticingly show easy.'s beck fo that's them in case you'red cbss like. whs i ccess nch cbserinckrs to o, terst stbyelautelileno emu
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'se r ouveirtr.. ches apaue vebefore peopdy hug the cb (cheand 's bcres vault is any people m up watchght zone,"sted by thrling.ow tedtiieioand aimong(lr)u d al c ohetwigonorurprin wi ein thayoner saco li thepidehe aan des diti
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unre en as mucasemirety, shospans.rememb i'm please, june for co plusndin a heesey'rhe cilliwhs b
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s apd serlfor l eatonteecotiointof doubd in a lakes. nu fiononig mifevge can est atpense u.
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.. !ah>> fatwas amdidn't actuamendved doins frng hr! of anmuff ourr!hans s and ap sen(lte pack stt f yoatn:om ahethwoe pn ftveit rtwh 'supheri
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>> everyone se in the worldhas saidat last i have allh's canned sp wa to at aleisury al can openeit is. t tothatwo.rfg ca
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rk! s pl en: g to to h or nken refreadias ou price admission?arinety-twghte killedhe nhtclub i didn't wanas knuck hee me d. ad.te nn tbraiehthe e at come klel hon
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hes and applause) >> s truthat reafrnd he knes ins anr hrough theopou the -dable. on a w shor oud ououwhyon', the ty t l bpag sp
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my gstartwthe drawyersred o.j."the pvers.j. si" se wcomen olnd tney. e. hes d pl stephen: noevy s a st ovation.that's eyou guyser >> we do now >>: okay. eo me."we kthy, i rd tev war agnoyoerboorin gers ador eat
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now,t remewhere i ow i wotinr insacrd ere bbof aot, de b.n.anurthbrs pt. waikwhatth a.! al a s i rdit i guyj. simon i s su hugn. i socked erybo ledui!myikhen'lo e icery vee ic ad atbl coanplnds glto s he p fihe mom(cheers plause) >>: oh, th!
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>>e had ju best piure at filfest so the iss oty met was eali r) >>phs dr a ing rienmary rel arty goifoil dyw wapning i edn, aomete rksaidve ttu t o (ltethwas ppy e. yourepted a weddi. >> sphs. p peo
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adnselor. sison. (cs appl)and,rtneeru arthe johnny can.(cheers and there ar pressu g a so iin b iveu soor ablproromi ndf eny ph: e paicaromyowe mo? sulycotn, erwe mes kef e ovdo t t u stcq a n ag a wino is t atroouweph: yo . bet t be
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soplaysomeo is icwh you s whinu don'want td,'m notgointa.i'm oings mu an, use ow o ey thipi into bwao llfor veth didn'have bakoriv hs, d e ouveia tsewoeowe testhavfimelid ttoeo theond siras ndmetioursel it., there is a recognizabilitye to disguiseyourself tn audi o take t with tellory. as lo and b shapiro.u do.
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akiswhisr ie ma,'m wh fedo 'serpr hshfne ll t op he gngpron iyoocion? ers ofhe dto w.? ta ycat. whs? dtrrnar are u?ha wnt tma notoi amyou are, theaws the aiding an abetting of a fugitive. now.t gog ail fo !maha, i am so sorr i apoliz do you have a pen?llivyou heap) s: 'setti
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s ually smar guy tor didow e ghe ro >>hinkew h smar g them. 's aacio and t t e lod to- mersthrabity ischseel pes th a.>>tepheeikriastescxact anhe w>> surtney, took this ce? s doing this for rs s isngdicate an-amic ccusedsothafsoenicanmens weccedn nd
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i k ciseeneskiofas. lier otho weabused blapd.p in and help andht h win andg tot. saihitte anotok acase e k hey we ng t sure ll t ha, emmerosa parks, ma l l the where peidn've a, he, to sin fafcaerrecejo ce y ovhe ice oft. stem suittooko he
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cour. nce!heple v..jsimpn: amanmeryemres :00 on fx.'ll heers se) wo i' n rbe l ts ess,or mtingi u htfor.ics ums ns but lthis i' n fort. get outher therd eap nstoppable.fiso e back son(mtese c'sseout magce tt gimpl wadog. d en fal td dto aihumi isor adulikee whove tried oedicns t stilperi the toms of m severedisease. and that iclic sdi,
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gnifmptom .nyvemi mi canowabtonftiinudg beis ris,etesatalin arsclg , en havivandnervs syem pem oulerg rnsdw orsengrt flubeforet tbtellouctu' bn aas erceaifualnftisarcoon ifoue hatb tib, p tfectns, ave like sordot ra if yonfecti. troentolist out hu ron is possi u al? ea, righ ou canood d yoot worfor s. weif i tu thatut n work f? ilgu areg,are vering you t take anutn' getca kharida capeans tab seou us u aifskmi wofthnehbs,
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erouupalery rocrf, -prok?ge mes99neel ednye ha
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ch tnturink m ant meatnn e s ouvio wiabyed?anthe me plonofndio y cchhavewhan do gep sing at? thest r imp ing nd,"
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feelhoinside rismfromry te oe eath? ah : m. wawhhat l >> y it lder s. en: yeahhat is an >>l,igitlihi aute stepheni t hear our hand >> yeah, g ithat m you yo >>i thk it's 12 wters a >>h, yeah, .p, yep. tephen: mi
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you' tngo guon'ha anyocts(lghr)teoi t nt >>ru t ye, g ket.(cs roat) u owhaansst m wk wn boryo call aan >> sohth mp- go ot de oprof. >> senp? >> steat's biggest ? sninghigh sch biolog r)applause) makes me wt stephen: yep. it, do y k l, or is meone cog our vement ell, gue n t
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y,teph? ste: s,mio u getheli ing tche stepeafte'mtele.(capso are tda
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kermit the frog, everydy.ers and pl rht bn scg ] sir,uld ome on know wm.ogrera uhi saeoanra ofve$500hen s diyopack wnags? oh-- na ypre . ho p ons fibuet[ anli ] y bli mulpaiss,igesavriuces .uh tsintsr .hat a em ootnt jut e titheems. lly?ll uin't knoptous.ok. hotelm, youct 1ghtset oe. . youed t c ar nt pl lihat stt. ihothat the.
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ic tou mfaer s th aheers, ard wdeatg isea lyo ent buton reamy.i sorn h impta ar ang a
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oone eriero usioherelato orisantzfrnd learn meimer's. (cappl)>>en: ome , er guisnechhogi a orntthwod tthwoermapo eaud
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openelnfanwerf e tap t e ikr ans do.ndan, expl o, ory, gample. >>phen: what a >>adly, iti have gotnasty e-om p the w yingnks t fom-sprng. dothi adt s outhbe.>>teph: ul't remmd itonig. >>efinelnot. sso oil op he waheur tan e r bod ng tethcondtwate of s (cd applau whars tone fo >>ou trashe rst on by bin at-->> sen: , bl, bl
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ers applse) >> some bayby! n abusichhologind au whoceworl c (cheerd ) ayas iaie rvardnesspslo and lot you ng at! n! thu bein s anplauwhatp?
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whoii'm y atth ybend beil.u havek.leyour bf togges challe." but t ofe ow y ureros at a pere? >> y w f re d thfishwh wldurod>>te: oo thyo sphand enou goaito hostal, cai rulo hat's wer power postures we adopt whe ent and powexpand,tap a of e ike r s do. nder w, t ample. thnect g
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a lenamafr tldying ta prding.t thad, but was oubere>> steph: 'tmmend it tonight.efy : so over 30 million have watche talk or of b lage. yeah.>> s: th m of me(cap) the whatirst o trash tat fir a se >> i wldsh tk the fit onit's by tim ro ed phen: blah bl (lte >> yh. sreumerop ous wt yore sa iat wo! m i but ifust goo! i'like d youobabrd i it cakel pp (cheerd plau)
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th.(lr) caeay? epy,t th makese happy! , talking mind-body connection sneer.y co phoe >>: mm noouprsis ar reecnghawet 'sale wel reng w d ourdi sn me soakn wa i cld, ust tell you it'sporta fust sit t. thar't many need
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ist sgh vi your esop erckasn feyoooon - >>: hello,re and on hom. ththing tha aughnofeeloonoi feet te: belilo ouying tt meease tephenactl sitting uraight. people ghe dreful ioeyd toe thlv ty ke tri aur)y, ely.w,r ce.s. sphen: li intlsituatiough th risis tracized, which ibig ri tesure our biegoo th perssghteneal
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st suae role or do test butwe're no be poun bynd taken steph: 'roverreacting and going into t fligthat wt realneedbeto dweithhe ss. steent'y i re hoow ahe super bowl oight, i edstf nf fo d pwoyosut ta be sh? wldhe be ns esen te: youem hu(laur) we >> o >> l the fe desk e kl. sph: aysu le bk,dsehin ea
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phenle b ck hes pl)>>he y g >>tethe u .loff ithst>> s: hu th spht, y'vgot amvewoerhy w teamy', ce, bringing youur biggest c out now. y.we'lht b erappl)t icndor ped in ites cout see. its fa. o bice ththe nn a nk
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ha ahmf nyiefe wsta mpept-tm nelk ttoan una ssth tntcerepren ampeoadthhmt ctea cone, inepce pem rwto helpbreathins. me tkostiilndsc brs nor whos weontrol alongasmaol cihacoosoncemaweur decst bre
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hes d plau un e ne nglastg enzex . ah, m ieoeittt d hameallyye lth o u to , e frtaundsa d de
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we, guso. otheas morpe s s f t to dr
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lweroe usi ieit'min awe wesevw ptd i you inery me you take a he a sr so las artllikelw g i c't g tiyok plel ak mareetl drape n bl i swore t cour dreams sht tar g yt a ho o on
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